DIY Dinner on the Dole

It’s no secret that we are pretty damned poor. In order to keep fed we are on foods stamps and WIC. That doesn’t mean that we can’t eat things that taste good, though. Last nite the kids and I hoofed it to the grocery store with a strategic shopping list, ie our WIC coupons and came up with a delicious meal.

WIC items:
Brown rice
1 cup of chopped up Sharp Cheddar
Frozen broccoli
Splash of milk

Food stamp items:
1tbsp butter
1lb chicken breast Tender strips

Cook the rice as directed, steam the broccoli over the cooking rice if you have a steamer pan.
Cook the chicken in a separate pan and cut it down afterwards to retain juiciness.
Once the rice is done add the butter, milk and cheese. Mix till its an awesome cheese sauce.
Add the broccoli and chicken.

My daughter said it was the best thing I had ever cooked and asked “how did you get this to taste so good?!”

Track listing:
I cooked it all to the music of Stale Chofli, a local Chicago suburbs band i used to know


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